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Do you want an awesome CV, or are you stuck with preparation for an interview?

Well we have created this useful ‘Careers Advice’ section. We have lots of careers advice articles on everything from job applications to apprenticeships so get exploring.

CV tips

A CV, what is one and who needs one? It stands for Curriculum Vitae and everyone needs one. Now writing a CV is probably one of the trickiest things you’ll ever have to do. A good quality CV would be the difference between receiving a job offer and receiving another rejection letter. Hopefully with this CV Tips section we have provided we will help get you on the way to getting a job.

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Cover letters

A covering letter is vital to your CV. The cover letter is the first page of your CV and should not be seen as an addition. Your cover letter is the first page a potential employer will see and it helps to demonstrate your writing style better then your CV can. It is normally more brief and factual. We have complied a list of do's and dont's for covering letters so have a look.

Interview tips

An interview can be a really daunting experience if you do not research and prepare before. The employer must have liked your CV as you have been offered a job interview and now it is your chance to impress the employer. Check out our interview tips and the next time you’re in an interview you will be focused, determined and 100% prepared.

Work experience

It is great to do some work experience at any point in your working career. However, before you start applying for your work experience make sure you have read our articles on work experience. Our articles are designed to help give you a better understanding of what you should expect and what is expected from you during a work experience placement.