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...is behind every aspect of our daily lives. Engineers are behind the processes that produce the food we eat, the medication we take and instruments used to combat illness and keep us healthy, the transport we use (road, bridges, tunnels, airports, cars, trains and planes), the buildings and offices we live and work in, the televisions, computers, software mobile phones and cameras we use, the exciting rides like The Smiler and Stealth we experience at theme and adventure parks like Alton Towers and Thorpe Park, the rockets and satellites that explore Space. In actual fact the list is endless...

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All of these activities involve the design, manufacture and maintenance of complex engineering systems. This makes engineers very important people in leading and enhancing our quality of life, and, as a result, engineering is a very exciting and rewarding career choice. The points of entry into the engineering profession are many and varied, but becoming appropriately qualified through a combination of further study following leaving your secondary school and on- the-job training while you are in employment are essential. Becoming an engineer is much easily if you study relevant GCSEs and A levels while you are at school, and this particular part of The Student Bridge provides you with information on the choices that are available to you if you wish to become a professional engineer.


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Engineering! What a great career choice, there are so many impressive engineering projects that are currently under development. Explore some of the great engineering projects that are happening at the moment.