Interview preparation

Now you have successfully been offered an interview, this is good news, now you need to do some preparation.

You cannot just attend the interview and hope to wing it, half an hour of preparation could mean the difference between being offered the job or not. We have produced a list of the top things you should do or consider when doing your interview preparation:

Ask about the interview

Do not be afraid to ring up the organisation before the interview to find out what sort of interview it will be, how long it will take. Also try to find out who will be interviewing you.

Don’t be late

Being on time is crucial, keeping someone waiting for you is not good, and will instantly set a bad first impression. If anything arrive 10-15minutes before the interview start time.

Check the date and time

Make sure you know the interview time, even to the extent of sending them a email to confirm the date and time. Then set an alarm on your phone to remind you!


You need to know as much about the company as possible, products, markets, company direction, leadership and even competitors. Get online and get searching!


There is nothing worse then sitting in an interview and freezing, not being able to think what to say. We suggest sitting down with someone and going through some example questions, such as “Why do you want to work for this organisation”, “What can you bring to this organisation”.

What to wear?

Have a look at our the interview dress code section for some ideas.

Prepare questions

The interviewer will be asking you lots of questions. You should ask some back, so have a look at interview questions section for some ideas.

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