Interview questions

It is important for you to ask questions at the end of a job interview, you will always be asked if you have any questions.

So why not put the interviewer on the spot now! Some example questions you could ask are:

  • What will my daily duties be?
  • What opportunities are there for training and development?
  • Where does the company want to be in 5 years time?
  • What is your personal experience of the company?

The question everyone wants to know, how much will I be paid. This is a question you should avoid; it should have been made clear during the application stage how much the position was offering. If it wasn’t then the interviewer would normally mention it, if no one has mentioned it then it is deemed acceptable for you to ask in this circumstance. Make sure you do not pile on the questions to the interviewer, as most of them may have already been answered during the interview.

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