What is a cover letter?

Yes we are in the digital era; a lot of job applications are now done online and therefore require you to fill out an online cover letter.

You maybe thinking that can I not just copy my normal cover letter and paste it into the online box? We would advise not to, as an online cover letter is different to a printed cover letter.

Not every online job application system is the same; therefore you will need to tailor your cover letter to not just each job position, but also each application software. Some systems just asked you to upload your Word document and then it inputs your cover letter. Other systems ask for you to copy and paste your cover letter. Finally some systems will ask you a series of questions that you need to answer so that the system can populate a cover letter for you.

First thing

Understand what online application you are using, if it asks for copy and paste then make sure you take away your address, but still leave the letter addressed to someone where possible.

If you have to answer questions, then plan your answers carefully. We would recommend writing the answers in a Word processor as mistakes will be highlight and allow for easy editing. Then once you are happy copy the block of text across to the online application system.

Second thing

Effort! Make sure you put effort into your online cover letter, it is the same a printed one, it is still the first thing a employer of recruiter will see about you! Sometimes the styling in a word processor will appear differently when copied to an online application system, so spend some time making it look right. Then check is all and make sure it reads properly and even get someone else to check it.

Third thing

Check, check and check again! Make sure the grammar makes sense, the styling is correct and after all make sure someone can understand what you have written.

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